Nominations: now closed!

Nominations open until 10th August for the 2018 edition of CEE Capital Markets & FinTech Awards. .

Awards Categories:

7 FinTech Awards:

Alternative Investments. Alternative investments includes crowdfunding, equity exchanges, real estate, ETFs and new wealth-management and investment-management tools. Companies in this category provide access to new investment instruments.

Foreign Exchange/FX and Payments Solution. Companies in this category are creating alternatives and lower costs for companies with FX needs and professionals in the FX trading markets. They also help companies and consumers solve payment problems and reduce transaction costs

Institutional Innovators. While many in the FinTech space decry financial institutions as slow to

change, some key financial innovations in recent years have come from the “old guard.”

Companies in this category are at the forefront of financial innovation, offering new products and

services with the backing of a trusted brand.

Blockchain. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology have potentially endless

application potential in the financial services space. These companies are pushing the envelope

in what is considered possible in finance.

Lending. Fintech companies have provided new financing options to challenge traditional lending channels. They have stepped in to provide consumers and businesses needed capital, and improve lenders’ return on investments. Includes Micro and Mobile lending.

FinTech Innovation of the Year. An overall category to award the most innovative project in CEE’s rapidly-changing FinTech sector. Category can be broadly-defined, to include data solutions, InsurTech, RealEstate Tech, etc.

Fintech Deal of The Year. An overall category to highlight the CEE region’s most exciting transaction of the year. This can include large mergers, significant acquisitions or major financing transactions.

Capital Markets Awards Categories:

  • Top IPO of the Year
  • Listing of Year (NewConnect PL, AeRO Ro, Xtend HU, START CZ)
  • Best Transition-to-Main Market
  • Top VC fund of the year in CEE
  • Top foreign institutional/pension fund investor in CEE
  • Best IR dept of a listed company – CEE
  • Best IR dept of a listed company – Poland
  • Top Bond listing deal of Year
  • Top M&A Deal of the Year
  • Best overall Listed company of the Year – CEE
  • Best overall Listed Company of the Year – Poland
  • Top Origination (ECM/DCM) Banker for CEE
  • Top Law Firm for CEE Capital Markets
  • Top IR company of year

1) We welcome you to submit the names of firms and other entities you believe should be considered for the relevant award categories. There is no limit to the number of nominations you make and there are no costs involved in putting forward the nominations. Nominations should be submitted (ideally by the subject Company) directly via our online Nomination form here:

2) Here are some tips/suggestions for getting the Jury’s attention:

Be precise and concise. Short and compelling usually trumps long-and-winding.

Numbers can often tell a compelling story: growth, percentage changes, market share, etc.

Tell a good story. Emotions, case-studies, and real examples conjur up images in our brains that work wonders.

Avoid the “Corporate-speak” and jargon that puts the Jury to sleep and only shows that you are not original and unique.

While you may prefer to “outsource” the Nomination form to a PR agency or 3rd party, that is usually a mistake. You know your company best and top management will be best-positioned to present compelling evidence to win your Category.

3) After the Deadline for submitting Nominations, we will send all Nominations to our Jury Members (who are bound by confidentiality and will not further distribute). The Jury then has about 2 weeks to review and rank all Nominations. Based on the Rankings, we generate the “Short-List”.

4) “Short-List”: The “Short-List” of Awards Finalists will be generated from submitted Nominations – after being vetted by the Jury – and will be announced on 31st July 2018 (about 6 weeks before the Awards Gala).

5) Jury Voting. On 11 September, 2018 (one night before the Awards Gala), the Jury will meet and vote on the final Nominations, with winners to be announced at the 12 September CEE Capital Markets and FinTech Awards Gala.

Additional information:

  • In 2017, we had 97 Companies who submitted Nominations.
  • PR/Social Media: All Short-Listed companies will be widely-promoted via multiple media channels, including social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter).

    Winners have major promotional opportunities, which can have direct impact on Employer Branding, Client-facing business development, Recruitment and PR.

  • Submission of Nominations and Winning has zero connection to sponsorship or even attendance.
  • Contact with any questions regarding Nominations:
    Ameya Poyarekar
    mobile 48-881-856-926


CEE Capital Markets & FinTech Awards 2018


12 September 2018
9:00 – 14:00 Summit
18:30-24:00 Awards Gala

9:00 – 14:00 4rd annual CEE Capital Markets Connect Summit and Awards
9:30 – 1:00 KeyNote Speaker
10:00 – 12:30 Matching Investors with Companies. Break-out Sessions (By Invitation Only), focusing on 3 stages of a company capital raising: Start-Ups (25); Expansion Stage (15); and Undiscovered Gems (9).
12:30 – 14:00 VIP Invitation-only Networking Luncheon.

18:30-20:00 Opening VIP cocktails
20:00-22:00 Three-course dinner, and Awards presentation
22:00-23:30 Wine Tastings, closing cocktails and entertainment


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