64 Companies Short-Listed for the Awards !

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Short-Listed X-Tech Companies:

Top Female Exec in Tech

    • Jolanta Piela, CEO, Good Division
    • Anna Maj, FinTech Leader, PWC
    • Monika Synoradzka, CEO, HugeThing
    • Monika Kania, CEO & Founder, Xchanger.io
    • Kamila Wincenciak, Head of Fintech Partnerships, Alior Bank
    • Agnieszka Maciejowska, Co-Founder & CEO, Evenea.pl
    • Honorata Hafke – Dys, Co-Founder, StethoMe

Institutional Innovators

    • Alior Bank S.A.
    • Huge Thing
    • The Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship/MIT EF CEE
    • PKO Bank Polski
    • CallBee
    • PwC Polska

FinTech Company of the Year


Gaming Company of the Year

    • Facemetrics
    • Monetizr
    • Ten Square Game
    • ECC Games

Top M&A Deal of the Year

    • Bittnet (Romania): takeover of Crescendo International’s IT&C integration business
    • SumUp (UK): acquired Polish e-commerce platform Shoplo
    • Summa Linguae (Poland): buys Swedish LSP Kommunicera

X-Tech Financing Deal of the Year – CEE

    • Talentuno (Hungary) raises € 4 million Series A round
    • Oxipit (Lithuania) raises $1.7M Seed round to bring AI into clinical radiology practice
    • MyCredit (Ukraine) raises $3 million in its latest funding round
    • Estateguru (Estonia) raises €1.3 million

X-Tech Financing Deal of the Year – Poland

    • HCM Deck (Poland) raises €2.8 million
    • Talent Alpha (Poland) raises € 4.5 million in Seed round
    • Infermedica (Poland) raises $3.65 million, continues rapid US expansion
    • Symmetrical.ai (Poland) raises €1.35 million

DeepTech Company (Science-based) of the Year

    • QNA Technology
    • Haxtron SA
    • Olympus Sky Technologies
    • Conelum
    • Eventech

Blockchain Solution of the Year

    • Coinfirm
    • Alior Bank SA
    • PKO Bank Polski
    • JMMJ

AI (or Machine Learning) Innovation of the Year

    • Emplocity
    • Synerise
    • Unified Api

HealthTech/ MedTech Company of the Year

    • VeritaCell
    • AISENS
    • MindMe Inc.

Transportation Tech Company of the Year

    • ZitiCity
    • Hyper Poland

Top VC fund of the year in CEE

    • Startup Wise Guys
    • mAccelerator
    • Experior Venture Fund
    • Karma Ventures
    • Inovo Venture Partners
    • Alfabeat

Short Listed Companies