7 October 2020

Hotel Intercontinental, Warsaw

CEE X-Tech Awards City Tour:

Briefings & Matchmakings in 5 CEE Cities

“Find New Markets, New Clients, New Investors”


Our 5-city CEE X-Tech Tour takes us to some of CEE’s most dynamic, tech-savvy cities. We aim to shed a spotlight on local talent, and connect X-Tech Companies with Investors and the larger X-Tech
Ecosytem, culminating in our annual CEE X-Tech and Capital Markets Awards in Warsaw, 11 September 2019.

As technology disrupts virtually every industry, our CEE X-Tech Awards City Tour aims to discover talent, connect with Investors, and do our small bit to help build great Tech companies from across the CEE region. X-Tech is our umbrella term that brings together all Tech initiatives across multiple industries.

In each city, we will feature 5 early-stage companies using Technology to disrupt and revolutionize major industries. Our VIP Invitees include from local Tech companies, Accelerators, international and local VCs, entrenched Institutions looking for partners, and a range of service providers.

Strategic Partners:

Local VC’s and VC Associations

Capital Markets Partners

CrowdFunding Platforms:

Media Partners and Associations

Other Brands:


Gdansk – 3 April

Riga – 11 April

Bucharest – 23 May

New York – 5 June

Warsaw – 11 September


16:00 Welcome and registration
16:15 Keynote Speaker on one specific xTech Topic (15 min).
16:30 Introduction of 5 X-Tech Companies in this market (10 min each).
17:30 – 20:30 Networking over beers, wines, cool cocktails, and light dinner.

Sponsorship Options:

We have 2 Sponsorship options for select brands targeting the X-Tech sectors -and we absolutely appreciate the support of our CEE X-Tech City Tour!:

a) Global Series Sponsors (for full CEE region and 5 cities):

  • Exclusive Industry Sponsor for your sector.
  • Branding and Logo Presence on all Event Signage, Website, Newsletters, etc.
  • Banners and RollUps and Materials distribution at all Events.
  • You have 10 VIP (Logo-branded) Invitations to each event for your Partners.
  • Introduction and Thanks as Global Series Sponsor at start of each event.
  • b) City/Regional Sponsorship (Same as above but for just one City)

    For Sponsorship details, contact Kasia Michalska at kasia(at)biznespolska.pl; 48-811-856-603-693-931.

    X-Tech Awards includes:

    A wide-range of digitally-disruptive initiatives, including FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech, EdTech, AgTech, TransportTech, HRTech, Industry 4.0/IndTech, BioTech, AI, IoT, Blockchain and…. X-Tech.


    By VIP Invitation only

    • Investors: European VC’s, local VC and Angel Investors
    • Early-stage X-Tech companies
    • Our partners’ key VIP Guests