7 October 2020

Hotel Intercontinental, Warsaw

Deep Tech Community meetup &
CEE X-Tech pitching event

(Riga is one of 5 cities on the CEE X-Tech City Tour, featuring CEE’s most dynamic, tech-savvy cities, culminating in our CEE X-Tech Awards 11 September).


This Baltic gem is a growing hub to the region’s top tech talent. The meetup is held in conjunction with the Magnetic Latvia Technology conference Deep Tech Atelier, which focuses on creation and maintenance of the eco-system for science-based businesses, and organized by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and Commercialization Reactor. For more information visit https://deeptechatelier.liaa.gov.lv

Eugene Buff, Innovation Navigator:


15:15 – 16:00 Eugene Buff, MD, Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP): Innovation Navigator: Road Map from Ideas to Success? – a Lecture and Workshop for deep-tech community startups.
16:00 Welcome:
Magnetic Latvia and Deep-Tech Atelier . Introduction by Olga Barreto Goncalves, Head of Magnetic Latvia Startup (LIAA)./
Commercialization Reactor Fund – Voldemārs Brēdiķis
CEE Business Media – Thom Barnhardt
16:15 – 16:30 Keynote Speaker: Martins Sulte from Mintos (15 min).
16:30 – 17:45 5 Deep-Tech Ideas ripe for commercialization. In cooperation with Commercialization Reactor, we’ve asked 5 deep-tech companies to pitch their idea (business model, capital-raise plans) for just 10 minutes.

17:30 – 20:30 Networking over beers, wines, and light dinner.


Local VC’s and VC Associations

Capital Markets Partners

CrowdFunding Platforms:

Accelerators and Funds

Media Partners and Associations

Other Brands:

Riga – 11 April

Venue: Microsoft Innovation Centre (in cooperation with University of Latvia), Kalpaka Boulevard 4, Riga – http://www.mic.lu.lv/

Registration primarily for Investors and Technology companies

Guests include:

  • Investors: our database of European VC’s, local VC and Angel Investors
  • Early-stage Deep-Tech and tech-disruptive companies
  • Our partners’ key VIP Guests

Companies presenting:

    In cooperation with Commercialization Reactor, we’ve asked 5 deep-tech companies to pitch their idea (business model, capital-raise plans) for just 10 minutes each.

  • Koatum – advanced bio-active coatings for medical implants (orthopedics, dental or reconstructive surgery).
  • Eventech – a “spin-off” from Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. Unique event timing technology for extremely accurate measurements (2-3 picoseconds).
  • Conelum – a biotechnological firm, focused on development of rapid microbiological diagnostic tests for food and drink industry companies.
  • Snowision – Snowision helps ski resorts to reduce snow production costs and to increase ski days by providing information of snowpack quality on slopes for smart snow management.
  • Arlabion – an agri-tech startup developing new generation agrochemicals for sustainable intensification of crop management.


For Sponsorship details, contact Ameya at ap@biznespolska.pl; 48-881-856-926